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A responsive and collaborative consultancy

that partners with curious and courageous clients

to anticipate and address challenges they’ll face
on the journey to achieve their visions and
create sustainable and exciting futures.

Arkle Consulting Group is a trusted resource for Assessment, Strategy Development, Organizational & Team Effectiveness and Human-Centered Change Management.

Drawing upon our substantial network of experienced collaborators, we carefully assemble best-in-class talent in the key disciplines to provide customized consulting services to our clients. The expertise and knowledge base of our consulting teams are matched to the specific needs of each project.


We listen and ask questions. We partner with you to imagine and articulate a compelling vision. We work together to anticipate and prepare you for different obstacles on the journey towards your vision.


We meet you where you are—and also at any point of organizational and team lifecycle—and bring tools, skills, experience, and compassion. We enable you to make complex decisions and pursue your most daring dreams with confidence and conviction. We help you build skills to implement successful futures. We leave you stronger than when we met you.


Akin to our namesake, we are always pushing the limits of what is expected.  Our high-touch, tailored consulting approach to every project sets us apart and creates sustainable value and unique results for our clients. 

Organizational diagnostic

Strategic planning

Succession planning

Employee-survey-based action planning


Organizational readiness

Culture change management

Systems change management

Leadership coaching: Leading change

Stakeholder engagement


Diagnostic assessment: culture & engagement surveys 

Team alignment & engagement

High-performance culture

Effective teaming in a diverse workplace

Leadership alignment & behaviors


Content development & Skilled facilitation for:

Team off-sites
Team building 



The curious and courageous. The dreamers. The leaders.


Organizations from the nonprofit, private and public sectors: from large multinationals to small start-ups; spanning industries and geographies.


You share our commitment to learning, not satisfied with the status quo, not afraid to ask tough questions. We become a positive force – your source of strength – working to accelerate your dreams and ambitions.

We are better together! That is the spirit of a thriving client-consultant partnership. One where we trust each other, build off each other's strengths and mutually benefit through sharing knowledge, skills and a common goal—your continued success.


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